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Florence Middle School Project Timeline (click on words above blue lines for documents) - Updated 03.06.17

8/13/13 -
Board approved Capital Plan with the FMS showing as renovate, replace or repair

4/8/14 -
Board public work session addressing FMS

10/2014 – Joint work session
between FCS Board and City Council which included discussion of  Florence Middle School

11/13/14 -
Board public work session - FMS - Looking Forward and Williams and Assoc. report was shared

12/2014 –
AASB conference in Birmingham – spoke with other Board members and Superintendents from systems across the state about the pros/cons of renovating/replacing and pros/cons of remaining in the heart of the city

2/10/15 - Board public work session
on replacing, renovating or repairing (newspaper, TV, social media)

2/15/2015 -
Board tour of the FMS building with architects and FCS Maintenance Dept.

4/14/15 - Board voted to replace FMS at its current location

4/30/15 - Dr. Womack, Ms. Wallace, Rick Peppers, Dr. Rainey, Calvin Durham and Don Lambert toured recently built schools as the design for the new FMS school began to be formulated

11/4/15 - Letter was sent to the State Department of Education
requesting permission to demolish the old school and build a new school and place students in portables during the process

11/16/15 - FCS received the approval from the State Department of Education,
Perry Taylor, State Architect, to place students in portables during the construction of the new FMS

11/17/15 - Received first preliminary drawing
of the new FMS school

1/8/16 -
The Times Daily article was published describing the new FMS modular campus to be in place by late May

1/14/16 -
Connie Wallace, Aimee Rainey, Rick Peppers, SRO officer and FPD Officer Chris Ticer met to discuss traffic flow for new FMS

1/29/16 -
Connie Wallace sent the parking layout to Dr. Ken Kitts and AD Mark Linder via email after having a meeting in person with them and Dr. Womack

2/17/16 -
The official unveiling of the new FMS was released to the public

3/1/16 -
Connie Wallace and David Shields had phone conversation concerning traffic for upcoming football season and shuttles from FHS parking lot during demolition phase

4/16/16 - FMS tour was held for the public

4/26/16 -
Meeting with Dr. Kitts, Dr. Womack, Mayor Haddock, Connie Wallace and others related to the tennis courts

7/13/16 -
Demolition bid contract approved by the State Department of Education 7/20/16 - Moved all property out of FMS to the modular campus

7/26/16 -
Meeting with David Shields, AD Mark Linder, AD Byron Graham, Rick Peppers and Connie Wallace concerning traffic issues for upcoming ballgames during demolition phase

8/1/16 -
Official notice to proceed on demolition contract was given by the State Department of Education

10/17/16 -
Safety meeting with Mayor Haddock, Bill Batson, Blake Edwards, Calvin Durham, Chief Ron Tyler, Dave Smith, Hermon Graham, Dr. Janet Womack, Leah Ford, Robert Palmer, Connie Wallace and others to discuss traffic flow when the new FMS is built; Chief Tyler, Bill Batson, and Mayor Haddock recommended a traffic study be completed

10/31/16 –
Contracted with Skipper Consulting for traffic study

11/7/16 -
Building plans for the FMS were submitted to the Alabama Building Commission

12/30/2016 – Subsurface exploration and geotechnical engineering study
completed by OMI, Inc.

1/2017 – Citizen addresses Board regarding trading Powell School property for FMS property
; Idea was eluded to by President Kitts via meeting with Dr. Womack on 1/25/17 and stated in letter received 2/2/17

1/5/17 –
Alabama Building Commission approved plans for the new FMS building

1/25/17 –
Dr. Womack met with President Kitts at his request inquiring if FCS still planned to build FMS on the same property

2/2/17 - Received letter from Dr. Kitt's
expressing a "strong interest in the Coffee property" for home side parking and pressure issues because of move to Division I

2/14/17 –
Draft traffic study results received

2/17/17 – Florence Mayor announces public meeting
of Florence City Council, Florence City Schools Board of Education, and the University of North Alabama Board of Trustees to be held Monday, February 20, 2017

2/17/17 – UNA requests that FCS suspend or otherwise delay the bidding process for 60 days
; threatened legal action if FCS did not respond

2/17/17 – FCS responds to the UNA request to suspend bid
opening and threat of legal action

2/20/17 – UNA provides letter formally making an offer to purchase property
between Braly Stadium and Coffee Gym at fair market value of the property

2/20/17 – UNA requests for entry to the FMS property
for the purpose of conducting an appraisal and uses the code section which relates to Eminent Domain

2/20/17 –
Board members, Superintendent and Asst. Superintendent/CSFO attends announced meeting at request of Mayor

2/21/17 – FCS responds to the UNA request
to conduct property appraisal under the Eminent Domain code section

2/21/17 –
FCS held meeting to discuss the draft traffic study with traffic engineer

2/23/17 -
Florence Middle School bids were opened at 2:00 p.m.

2/24/17 -
UNA sends a second request for entry to appraise the FMS property, discuss alternatives, and exchange ideas

2/27/17 – UNA letter requesting FCS provide 24-hour notice before accepting a construction bid for Florence Middle School

3/1/17 –
FCS schedules meeting with city officials to finalize traffic study results with them and traffic engineer

3/3/17 – UNA Letter received


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